Our Team

National Taekwondo Academy employs professional, enthusiastic martial arts experts who are dedicated to providing you with a friendly, safe, and fun experience!

Taekwondo (also spelled Tae Kwon Do) is a Korean art of self-defense. Literally, taekwondo means "the way of foot and hand." However, taekwondo also carries a much deeper meaning that cannot be translated literally. It implies discipline of the mind as well as the body. It also is way of life that is healthier and more productive, helping you overcome difficult challenges.

National Taekwondo Academy's training is designed to help you achieve physical fitness, concentration, determination and confidence. Once you learn these things in the dojang (training hall), you will be able to apply them to other parts of your life and benefit from it. Perhaps the best way of describing taekwondo would be "A way to happier life."

Master Park

Senior Master Tony ParkCEO/Founder - 6th Degree Black Belt

Born in South Korea, and raised in the Midwestern United States, Master Chun Woo (Tony) Park began his training in taekwondo at the age of 7 under the watchful eye of Grand Master Ri Kon Ko. He started teaching taekwondo to others at the age of 12 and has enjoyed it ever since. Currently, Master Park has over 42 years of martial arts experience.

Master Park was a part of the top 10 martial arts schools in the U.S. (rankings are determined by the World Martial Arts Research Foundation). Master Park has also received numerous outstanding instructor awards.

Master Park started competing at the age of 8, becoming the Midwest taekwondo champion for nine consecutive years. He excels and has won awards in all aspects of martial arts, including sparring, breaking, and forms.

In total, Master Park has won first place or the gold medal in more than 80 championships in his competitive career, including national titles from the U.S. Nationals, AAU Nationals, and AKTA Nationals.

Today, Master Park’s National Taekwondo Academy in the South Orange County area thrives over 350 active members. Master Park's taekwondo classes help students learn self-control, concentration, and mental discipline while improving motor skills and overall physical fitness in a fun, group setting.

Master Instructors

With an astounding combined 40 years of experience, Se Han Kim and Paul Kim are shining stars amongst National Taekwondo Academy's ranks. Both individuals are highly decorated and accomplished taekwondo martial artists whom we are proud and honored to have serving on our team.

Se Han is the head Master of the Kansas City dojang (academy). Paul leads the special competition teams and many of the classes here in Southern California's Aliso Viejo and San Clemente studios.

Paul Kim4th Degree Black Belt

Se Han Kim4th Degree Black Belt

Senior Instructors

All of our Senior Instructors are 3rd Degree Black Belts who have been training and teaching taekwondo for more than 10 years. Their dedication to the martial arts and taekwondo is exemplary and we are proud to have them on our team. Our Senior Instructors lead classes and inspire other students to strive for higher goals life in and out of the studio.

Brian Moon3rd Degree Black Belt

Vanessa Berghorn3rd Degree Black Belt

Joshua Moon3rd Degree Black Belt

Andre Harriague3rd Degree Black Belt


Our Instructors are 3rd Degree Black Belts that have been training in taekwondo for more than 8 years. They've earned the status and respect of other students and have excellent leadership skills. They are skilled taekwondo practitioners and are happy to teach those searching for knowledge.

Ryan Buckler3rd Degree Black Belt

Max Ott3rd Degree Black Belt

Sabrina Nash3rd Degree Black Belt

Elliot Lee3rd Degree Black Belt

Training Instructors

Açalya Heeren2nd Degree Black Belt

Nathalie Devore2nd Degree Black Belt

Junior Leader

Cassidy Lo2nd Degree Black Belt

Little Ninjas Martial Arts

Ages 4 to 6

Our Little Ninjas program is a fun and motivating program for pre-school and kindergarten aged children to help them focus and develop their emerging motor skills.

Junior TKD Martial Arts

Ages 7 to 12

Our Junior TKD Martial Arts program teaches older children valuable self-defense skills in a safe, positive atmosphere, while reinforcing skills necessary for success in school and life.

Teen & Adult TKD Martial Arts

Ages 13 and Up

Our Teen and Adult Taekwondo classes provide you with a great, fun way to get in shape and learn self-defense. Relieve stress and gain confidence in a team-oriented environment!

Cardio Kickboxing


Get the ultimate mind and body workout in our Cardio Kickboxing classes! No belts, uniforms, or tests. Just a great workout with the most effective, safe, and personal instruction available.