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NTA has been extremely helpful with encouraging my daughter to improve her behavior in home and at school

National Taekwondo Academy has been more than an exercise outlet for my daughter. My 8-year-old has also benefited from the focus on self-control and accountability. I am a single parent and without these lessons along with the support of the wonderful staff, I would not have seen the improvement in my daughter's behavior at school. National Taekwondo Academy incorporates "Home Rules" as well as character development into the stripes needed to earn the next belt. This has been extremely helpful with encouraging my daughter to improve her behavior in home and at school. The NTA staff even takes the time before our after class to speak one-on-one with students if the parents would like to reinforce good behavior. Without the support of NTA I truly believe we would not see the improvement in my daughter's grades and behavior that we have seen. (via Google Review April, 2012)

Amy R.

They have instilled self confidence, discipline, focus, ambition, self esteem, self defense, a commitment to fitness and good sportsmanship in our children.

Our oldest son, Cole, started Tae Kwon Do at the recommendation of our pediatrician. Our doctor thought it would help build his self confidence and self esteem. Our involvement with National Tae Kwon do Academy has brought us that and so much more!

Cole worked his way through all the belts and achieved his Black Belt honors last December. Our youngest son, Matthew, also started Tae Kwon Do, and is now an Orange Belt. Mom has even gotten into the act and taken self defense and kick boxing classes. Cole now assists in teaching his brother’s classes as well.

Master Park and the staff at National Tae Kwon Do Academy are incredible! They have instilled self confidence, discipline, focus, ambition, self esteem, self defense, a commitment to fitness and good sportsmanship in our children. The Home Rules of Tae Kwon Do teach our children respect, self control, and how to contribute to a family and society.

National Tae Kwon Do Academy stands above all other Tae Kwon Do Schools for us. The facility is convenient, clean and safe. The staff is exemplary. Their commitment to train students – children and adults, in the sport of Tae Kwon Do is unparallel and life inspiring! We highly recommend their programs!

The Schillne Family – Dave, Carol, Cole and Matthew


National Taekwondo Academy has become a second family to us over the past six years. NTA teaches their students how to be more confident, how to be a leader and how to expect much out of their efforts. Moving up in the belt ranks into the advanced degrees just enforces the philosophies and the athletic expectations of the sport. These traits have transcended from the studio into every aspect of our children's lives (school, friendships, sports, etc.) The curriculum at NTA and how it is implemented is top notch. It is a well-rounded program that is taught in such a fun way. Our kids always love going because of the attention, praise and support they receive on a weekly basis. This positive reinforcement encourages them to practice, have discipline and a healthy competitive drive to do their best and earn their belts and degrees. The NTA studio has given our children so much. So, check it out for yourself and experience all that they offer. You won't be disappointed. (via Google Review April, 2012)

The Townsend Family


We can not say enough good things about our experiences with National Taekwondo Academy. Ryan simply loves Taekwondo and loves training at NTA. He loves the instructors who are very talented, friendly supportive, fun and encouraging. Master Park and his team provide a positive learning environment that is very kid and family oriented. They really care about their students and they maintain a good balance of disciplined training with plenty of opportunities for fun that keeps the kids motivated. Taekwondo is Ryan's favorite sport. He is good at it, works hard and enjoys practicing and being challenged to learn more and to continue to improve. We believe that his experience at NTA has increased his confidence, self-esteem, strength, endurance, balance, flexibility, focus, concentration, discipline, determination and has built his character in terms of humility, respect, responsibility and compassion. We are very thankful to National Taekwondo Academy for providing Ryan and our family with this wonderful opportunity. (via Google Review March, 2012)

Brian and Sharon B.


Our son, Brett, has been attending NTA for almost four years and is currently working towards his second-degree black belt. Tae Kwon Do has been great for his focus, perseverance, and his overall confidence. This has carried over both to school and to other sports to the point where we have received positive comments from teachers and coaches about his work ethic.

We have been so pleased with our experience at NTA. It is great to see the way Master Park and his staff are able to teach the kids Tae Kwon Do in an enjoyable manner yet still maintaining respect. The home rules also help reinforce the importance of being respectful to yourself and others, both at school and at home.

We strongly recommend NTA to others. We will definitely be enrolling our younger son when he is a little older.

The Kelly Family- Tom, Sandy, Brett and Tyler


Three and a half years ago we signed our four year old son, Cade, up for Tae Kwon Do. Little did we know what an incredible journey this would be for him. Our initial reasons for joining were simply physical conditioning, exercise, and coordination. The benefits have proven to be so much more. Within a few months we noticed significant improvement in his focus, memory, balance, and flexibility as well as respect, perseverance, confidence, and commitment. Cade is now 7 years old, and about 6 months away from testing for his black belt. His four year old brother, Braden, has since started and is working towards his green belt. Working hard to receive each stripe and a belt level is such a positive motivator, as well as a testament to their effort and commitment. Watching them achieve each milestone, and reach their goals is really a gift.

Master Park and his team of qualified instructors are without the question the finest in the industry. I feel 100% confident in recommending National Taekwondo Academy to all my friends and relatives.

Amy Carter, San Clemente, CA


NTA is, in our opinion, one of the very best Tae Kwon Do schools in Orange County. All the instructors are highly qualified, caring, patient, and motivating. The studio is bright and large with great equipment for training and there is ample seating space for the parents to watch during lessons. Our two children, Sarah (14) and Nicholas (7), are now both brown belts and have achieved so much at this school such as self-confidence, discipline, perseverance, self-defense, and are also frequently learning about safety. We are very proud and grateful for NTA and all the instructors.

The Entezari Family

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